About me

Welcome goddess!

I’m Anna also known as gym junky, law graduate, certified personal trainer and professional snackerĀ (yes that’s a thing).

I have dedicated the last six years doing all the sci-ency research around fitness. You know, the stuff that makes you want to nap? Why have I done this? Because I love it and because I know you probably don’t. I mean who has the time to read through hundreds of articles about weight training.

During this time, I became certified as a Personal Trainer and completed a Certificate in Nutrition. You could say I am a little obsessed. I also recently completed my Law degree. All while trying to stay fit and pursue my career as a professional snacker. As you can imagine it was quite a challenge. But I’ve learned a few tricks and tips along the way to help me keep on track which I’d love to share with you. Along with all the sci-ency stuff, in simplified form of course.

My Journey

I discovered my passion for weight training in 2014 when I first joined the gym. Like most people, I was lost and confused and headed straight for the group classes. Unfortunately, I am not coordinated at all. Exercises, where you have to lift your right leg, cross your left arm, and breathe twice, was far too complicated for me. So I dropped the classes and did the next reasonable non-scary thing. I jumped onto the treadmill, and that’s where I stayed until I realized that I despise cardio.

Fast forward to 2020, and here I am claiming the weights in the dreaded “testosterone” section. You know what I’m talking about, the section that women look at but never dare to enter.

My passion for weight training grew, and I tried to learn as much about the topic as possible. I’ll admit I’m a research junkie and I love taking the theory I learned to the gym. So I decided, why keep all this information and experience to myself? After reading thousands of fitness articles, I saw how much “bro science” is out there. Not to mention all the BS and false claims. I realized there was a need for reliable and accurate information that won’t confuse you or make you want to cry. Or worse, quit!

So I started this blog to help you navigate the weight training waters. None of the BS included.

I hope you find this blog both helpful and inspirational.

Happy lifting goddess!